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Mechanic repairing a brake

If your brake pad feels wobbly or unresponsive, or you've damaged it, then get a new one. You don't want a small problem leading to a big accident. If your brakes aren't working too great, then you may need to service or replace your disc brakes. These help create the friction that stops your car. There's no sense in putting off service to this part of your car.

Replace brake pads and much more

If you have a classic or specialty car and you're not sure where to take it, then bring it to us. We understand both foreign and domestic vehicles.

If your disc brake is fine, but you still can't brake, then it may be your calipers. We'll look at your entire braking system and make sure it's functional. We can also repair drum brakes.

Repair your entire braking system

If you have a classic or specialty car that needs repair, then bring it in. We'll get it going. From small to large jobs, you can get whatever service you need from us. You can get a quick change in brake fluid, or an entire brake assembly. Get service for your brake rotors and make sure you're driving safe. Every mechanism in your car can use occasional maintenance.

Assembly and repair

Drive safe.

Maintain your brakes.