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You need to maintain an operational catalytic converter or else you will release toxic fumes into the environment, and possibly into your own lungs. You can get a quality catalytic converter from us. You can have all of the emission control systems in your car serviced. Your car probably needs it if your "check engine light" is on.

Prevent the release of toxic gases

When your "check engine light" comes on, that is your car telling you that it's not running as efficiently as it can. It needs to be serviced. Bring it in today for the service it needs.

You can get whatever variety of custom pipes you need to round out the appearance of your vehicle. We offer chrome and stainless steel pipe extensions. Add some style to your car today.

Drive in style with chrome pipes

You can get an exhaust manifold that looks great, is good for your car, and good for the environment. We work with mufflers too. Get an EGR valve header from us, an absolute necessity on high performance cars. You can get a fully equipped diesel performance kit. We also service oxygen sensors to ensure the optimum efficiency of your engine. Your engine will last longer and pollute less.

Tune up your dragster

Maintain top engine performance and reduce pollution.