Ott Automotive

8115 S Industrial Dr., Cedar Hill, MO

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Are there a few changes you'd like to see with your vehicle's entertainment system? Are you worried that the wiring might be faulty? We offer custom electrical services and electronics installations. Get service from auto experts who can also work as electricians. If there is any kind of automotive service you need, then trust that you can get it from our ASE certified technicians.

Custom electrical work for your car

Get reliable maintenance for your industrial farm equipment. We can repair tractors just as quickly and effectively as cars.

We understand motors inside out. Bring in a new or rebuilt motor and find out what's the matter with it, or what you can do to improve it. We also service new and rebuilt heads. Get the most out of a high-performance engine with our help.

Service for every kind of motor

Auto enthusiasts always take pride in their engines. Most automotive centers don't know how to handle antique engines. They'll either turn you away, or even worse, a bad job with your engine. That's not how we work, though. If you bring in an antique engine, it'll get the delicate care it deserves. We also work with industrial farm equipment to ensure that your livelihood is never at stake.

Get the meticulous care that your engine needs

Get custom work for your car.


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