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Fuel injection

If you're not sure what's wrong with your car, or you're worried that a problem may arise, then get professional safety testing. We'll thoroughly check your car's suspension and steering systems. We'll discover the faults and repair them. You can also get emission testing to ensure that your engine isn't letting out any noxious fumes. We'll do a Maximize on your car's efficiency and get a tune up today.

Have your car tested

Get fast and reliable driveability diagnostics and electronics service. Trust our knowledgeable service for every kind of car.

If you have an older vehicle, then you should bring it in for a fuel injection conversion. Classic and specialty cars are welcome. It doesn't matter the make or model. Service of classic and speciality cars can be done!

Specialized maintenance

Come in for a quick oil change. If you have a malfunctioning A/C, then bring it in for a performance check. You shouldn't have to suffer during a hot summer. Get your wheel alignment corrected. We'll check your car's timing belts, water pumps and exhaust. We also offer custom work on electrical and electronic parts of the car. Get an experienced, authorized, and certified service to take a look at your auto.

From standard jobs to custom work

Fix up old cars and maintain new ones.